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This case is located in the villa of Xiashan villa in Hangzhou. The owner engaged in financial investment field is a 80 year entrepreneur. He has unique taste and high demand for home concept. The villa project area is 600 square meters, mainly materials such as Seiko stone, glazed tile, wall guard, jazz white stone and so on.


The furnishings in large space need to have the definition of mansion. The application of furniture is not necessarily against the TV wall. It can face each other to make the whole space more harmonious, even even the TV opportunity to destroy the atmosphere, but adds the real fire intelligent fireplace under the wall of the big board. The whole style of the atmosphere has reached a new sense of vision. The new feeling is the spatial temperament we have to express.



Designers do not like to use wallpaper, in the villa large type of materials such as such material can not bear the years, or coercive pressure. The white wall can be completely combined with art, white more confident and more with the whole space object.



Only gray ground can express the atmosphere of white walls and furniture, the lights at the top are reduced, but the ground and the details are increased. White space is located in the middle of the piano, either melody or white piano appearance, will again ascend to the noble atmosphere of space.



Every furniture should be a famous brand in order to show its own artistic value in the simple space.



The broad black staircase, combined with gray stone and white light, makes perfect and simple. There is plenty of space in the kitchen and dining room, the wine cabinet is more capable of holding the owner's use, and even a landscape in the space.


The middle of the basement is the wine tasting area, the area where the children play, and the treasures of the art and the good wine. You can see the big fish bowl on the opposite side of the wine, and it feels like the ocean.


The entrance is a Zen wind tea area, through the round wall can see the beautiful pine shape through the scene, immediately let the people go home relaxed and comfortable. The large fish tanks on the whole wall are more exciting, and the top glass is illuminated by the sun as if in the world of the ocean and the sky.



In the basement, the studio has the imitation stone as the background, the whole space has made the sound insulation processing, pure enjoy the movie and the sound world.



The children's room has made the simple wind of the sunshine in Europe. It is not necessary to use childish and cartoons to meet the children's growth. They will grow up because they don't grow enough to change the decoration.



The main bedroom and the study of the third floor are linked. The big closet, the big bathroom and the big bedroom are the essential space elements of the mansion. Dark color system helps to sleep and space atmosphere, and is also a building element of advanced space.


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